[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: IPv4 Example Shortages

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Wed May 20 19:57:44 EDT 2009

Alex H. Ryu wrote:
> Yes, instead of this proposal, ARIN staff can add "warning for IPv4 address depletion" and "IPv6 info" into top of message for every IPv4 address approval notice. 
> That doesn't require any policy writing, and it can be done within ARIN staff's ability. 

I oppose this policy.

As far as the "warning", I have discussed this with numerous people
off-list. There are two sides to that coin:

- tell everyone via email or a warning with new allocation requests
about the IPv4 runout

- there are always going to be other pressing issues, so which ones do
we pick-and-choose to warn people about

Granted, this is quite the pickle of an issue, but to some, there may be
larger issues that warrant warnings, and if ARIN decides to warn about
runout and not another, someone is bound to get upset.

With that said, I'm still going to post the request to the suggestion
box (notification included in email upon 2008-7 ratification). Just
because *I'm* not worried about it and am pretty much prepared, doesn't
mean that other ops/businesses aren't...particularly new ones that may
enter the playing field at or near the breaking point of the critical path.

> I don't think one-week freeze for IPv4 address processing do much for the purpose. 

Of course it won't. If anything, it will cause a panic-type surge for
requests just prior, or just after that week. Besides, I'm on holidays
for those weeks ;)

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