[arin-ppml] Avoiding industry self-destruction through better policy

Scott Leibrand scottleibrand at gmail.com
Fri May 15 20:49:42 EDT 2009

In an attempt to bring this back on-topic:

Tom Vest wrote:

> The near universal embrace of self-destructive, can't-see-no-evil-no- 
> more commercial practices are really the only truly (or most)  
> undeniably damning factor. In an industry full of people who are/were  
> fabulously compensated for their allegedly unique domain expertise and  
> judgment, a collective failure as epic as this is actually more far- 
> fetched that some conspiracy theories. Ultimately the causes doesn't  
> matter however; the harm is done, and the industry must be recognized  
> for what it is: unfit for continued self-governance.

In a fit of what hopefully wasn't clairvoyance, I just started imagining 
the possibility that similar language might be used about our industry 
if we do a poor job of dealing with the upcoming IPv4 free pool 
exhaustion.  So a couple questions to ponder:

 - Are any of ARIN's current policies contributing to potential industry 

 - Is there anything else we can/should be doing to create policy that 
will prove our self-governance model workable through this transition?


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