[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2009-1: Transfer Policy - Revised andforwarded to the Board

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Fri May 8 16:09:04 EDT 2009

Stephen Sprunk wrote:
> Owen DeLong wrote:
>> On May 8, 2009, at 11:18 AM, Stephen Sprunk wrote:
>>> Indeed.  Right now, the cost of inefficiency is zero and the benefit
>>> to fixing it is zero, while the cost of fixing it is usually
>>> nonzero.  It's not surprising that we've seen the results we have. 
>>> Attach a monetary value to the resource, though, and the entire
>>> picture changes.
>> Perhaps, but, there may be unintended consequences of pricing perfectly
>> valid and efficient usage out of existence in the process.
> There are only two choices in front of us once IPv4 exhaustion hits:
> 1. New entrants can't enter the IPv4 market at all, because there is no
> supply left.
> 2. New entrants have to pay someone else for enough supply to enter the
> IPv4 market.
> Yes, #2 means that some new entrants won't be able to afford the cost of
> entry, and that's bad -- but IMHO it's not as bad as blocking _all_ new
> entrants.  In fact, some existing players may decide to exit the market
> because that's more profitable than what they're currently doing with
> their supply, and that's probably bad too -- but IMHO that's the lesser
> of the various evils we are forced to choose between.

I will need more IP addresses eventually. Maybe this year, maybe next,
but here's the process I see myself taking:

First I will apply for space from ARIN. I suspect I'll be denied, or
maybe I'll get lucky if they're able to fulfill small requests easier
than large ones. Who knows. If I get approved, hooray, all is well and
the task ends here. I'd also expect this is the last IPv4 I'll ever
again get and plan accordingly.

If I get denied I'll go to each of my upstreams and say, hey, I need
more space. How can you help me? I'd hope for a contiguous block. If
not, I'd settle for a bunch of /24's and be forced to contribute to the
routing table bloat by announcing all of them individually. I'd hope
they don't tell me "go ask ARIN, even though they're out."

As a last resort I'd have to find someone who would provide addresses to
me through whatever method gets the job done.

Or maybe someone out there will be desperate enough for my space that I
can "sell" it and retire early. ;)


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