[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Extend 16 bit ASN Assignments

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Fri May 8 14:53:24 EDT 2009

Internet Partners, Inc. is opposed to this proposal as it is
currently worded.  We are not opposed to extending the cut-off
to 2011.  But we are opposed to clutter in the NRPM and we
feel that sections of the NRPM dealing with past deadlines of
2007 and Jan 1 2009 should be deleted from NRPM.

We would support a proposal that replaces 5.1 with a simplified
section that deals with how things are now and how they are going to
be going forward.


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> ARIN received the following policy proposal and is posting it 
> to the Public Policy Mailing List (PPML) in accordance with 
> Policy Development Process.
> This proposal is in the first stage of the Policy Development Process.
> ARIN staff will perform the Clarity and Understanding step. 
> Staff does not evaluate the proposal at this time, their goal 
> is to make sure that they understand the proposal and believe 
> the community will as well.
> Staff will report their results to the ARIN Advisory Council 
> (AC) within 10 days.
> The AC will review the proposal at their next regularly 
> scheduled meeting (if the period before the next regularly 
> scheduled meeting is less than 10 days, then the period may 
> be extended to the subsequent regularly scheduled meeting). 
> The AC will decide how to utilize the proposal and announce 
> the decision to the PPML.
> In the meantime, the AC invites everyone to comment on the 
> proposal on the PPML, particularly their support or 
> non-support and the reasoning behind their opinion. Such 
> participation contributes to a thorough vetting and provides 
> important guidance to the AC in their deliberations.
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> Policy Proposal Name: Extend 16 bit ASN Assignments
> Proposal Originator: Marla Azinger
> Proposal Version: 1
> Submission Date: 6 May 2009
> Proposal type: Modify
> Policy term: Permanent
> Policy statement: This proposal is to modify section 5.1 in 
> the NRPM to extend the 16-bit ASN assignment timeframe for 
> one more year further than the current text. The expiration 
> requiring removal of section 5.1 is also being removed.
> Rationale:
> Currently users of 32-bit ASN's are encountering technical 
> issues that they can't immediately overcome and therefore 
> require 16-bit ASN's to operate. As a result in the ARIN 
> region to date, 204 of the 216 32-bit ASN's that have been 
> assigned have been returned and exchanged for a 16 bit ASN. 
> On 1 JAN 2010 ARIN policy declares zero distinction between 
> 32-bit and 16-bit ASN's. This proposal is to change the date 
> on the third line of NRPM 5.1 and extend the timeframe for 16 
> bit ASN's to be assigned. If these changes are made then ARIN 
> RIR ASN policy will read clearly and remove any 
> misconceptions of 16-bit cutoff post run out and enable 
> technology to catch up to the ASN bit change. The expiration 
> date that requires removal of section 5.1 after zero 
> distinction occurs is to be removed. Instead section 5.1 will 
> be left in place in the NRPM for value added historical purposes.
> The revision of 5.1 would read as follows:
> 5.1 16-bit and 32-bit AS Numbers
> . Commencing 1 January 2007, ARIN will process applications 
> that specifically request 32-bit only AS Numbers and assign 
> such AS numbers as requested by the applicant. In the absence 
> of any specific request for a 32-bit only AS Number, a 16-bit 
> only AS Number will be assigned.
> . Commencing 1 January 2009, ARIN will process applications 
> that specifically request 16-bit only AS Numbers and assign 
> such AS Numbers as requested by the applicant. In the absence 
> of any specific request for a 16-bit only AS Number, a 32-bit 
> only AS Number will be assigned.
> . Commencing 1 January 2011, ARIN will cease to make any 
> distinction between 16-bit only AS Numbers and 32-bit only AS 
> Numbers, and will operate AS number assignments from an 
> undifferentiated 32-bit AS Number pool.
> Terminology
> . "16-bit only AS Numbers" refers to AS numbers in the range 0 - 65535
> . "32-bit only AS Numbers" refers to AS Numbers in the range 65,536 -
> 4,294,967,295
> . "32-bit AS Numbers" refers to AS Numbers in the range 0 - 
> 4,294,967,295
> Timetable for implementation: Immediate
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