[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2009-1: Transfer Policy-Revisedandforwarded to the Board

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Thu May 7 15:06:32 EDT 2009

> Take a deep breath, Michael.  That was a joke.  You should 
> have been tipped off by the use of the name Wonkulating 
> Gronkulator which is a bastardization of the name gonkulator.

Who cares about that? The point is that every ISP above 
a certain size has a "hoard" of IPv4 addresses that have
slipped through the cracks and could be used in a pinch.
This isn't a question of finding a few evil organizations
who are holding onto a big stock of addresses. It is a
case of darn near everybody having a small stock of addresses
that no one has estimated or taken into consideration
when calculating runout dates.

First IANA runs out.
Then ARIN runs out.
Then you scramble to find lost addresses in your systems
and spreadsheets.
Then you cannibalize your low-margin products to supply
IPv4 to high margin products.
And then IPv6 is business as usual unless you fall into
Chapter 11 or get bought out cheap by a competitor who
has all their IPv6 systems up to scratch.

--Michael Dillon

P.S. I chose to ignore the joke part because this is a 
policy discussion, not a free for all.

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