[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2009-1: Transfer Policy - Revised andforwarded to the Board

Jon Radel jradel at vantage.com
Thu May 7 01:05:09 EDT 2009

William Herrin wrote:
> NAT = conserves IP addresses.
> Meets criteria for NAT-compatible device = could be built with NAT
> Not built with NAT + millions of devices = consumes millions of IP addresses
> Not built with NAT + could be + consumes millions = hoarding
> If you got "technology limitations = hoarding" from that, you ain't
> readin' it right.
I would say that your little equations show some anecdotal evidence of 
"waste."  "Hoarding" generally carries implications about intent which 
you're not, and probably can't, demonstrate.


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scarcely, in your thoughts, advanced to the state of science, whatever the matter may be." ~Lord Kelvin

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