[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2009-1: Transfer Policy -Revised andforwarded to the Board

Dave Feuer dave at connetrix.com
Wed May 6 13:40:15 EDT 2009

And I'm sure a lot of this is caused by M&A issues and the integration of
multiple networks. 
Forgot who --> UUNet --> MCI --> Verizon 

BUT I just did a bit more checking, my old college had a /18 back in the
90's. That one is long gone and now they have another /19. (Bunch of schools
merged into one university group) guess what the old /18 still resolves to
them and I know for a fact that they are not broadcasting it at all, nor do
they even have the old ASN active. Just for s--ts and giggles I tried the
email addresses and phone #s associated with it and none of them work.
Anybody want 16k addresses. 

These are issues that ARIN can resolve in house with a bit of auditing. 

And no, I won't reveal the school. I still do business and have a working
relationship with the IT and other staff there, I did however just mention
it to my contacts there. They are going to look into it after the end of
semester / graduation / beginning of summer class registration mess is


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> Looking back on some old IP assignments that were allocated 
> to us and others I have dealt with by providers over the 
> years I can say that there are a lot of old blocks not being 
> reallocated to other customers. Some of these have not been 
> active in over 6 years. And this is not for just a /29 or 
> something. We are talking multiple /24 and better.

Sloppy management of addresses. That is why ARIN is now
going to require a corporate officer to attest to any
address usage reports. That should trigger companies to
do proper audits, with trained auditors, and that will
uncover the slop which they will then recover and reuse

ARIN is powerless to do anything with those "lost" addresses.
The best case scenario is that all the ISPs discover the
wealth that they have in-house and make use of it to cover
the gap until IPv6 is fully deployed. After that it won't 
matter anymore.

--Michael Dillon
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