[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2009-1: Transfer Policy - Revised andforwarded to the Board

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> > Rather than helping the problem the fact that this market is
> > being discussed is exactly what is causing the hoarding.
> I have to cry foul with this.  There's been implications
> of hoarding on this list and in the last meeting but I have only
> seen a single allegation posted on this list of an illigitimate
> IPv4 holding, and that was a year ago.  (and it wasn't a hoarding
> situation)

Cry foul all you want but the situation still exists.  Perhaps I am misusing
the term 'hoarding'.  Please suggest another term for "holding on to unused
IPv4 space with disregard for the good of the community until the IPv4 space
is worth a lot of money so I can sell it".

At this point whether or not the applications for space were filled out
faithfully is moot.  Also much of the unused space was granted long before
the applications we use today existed.  

> Since true hoarding implies false data submitted for an IPv4
> application, if anyone hs any concrete evidence that someone has
> falsified an application then they should immediately post it,
> as well as turn it over to ARIN's hostmaster.
> We have no problems in the US with posting all manner of
> discovered illegalities of companies doing actions like illegal
> dumping, so I see no legal barrier to yelling foul if you
> can prove that someone's cheating with an IPv4 application.
> I agree that once an unrestricted transfer proposal is in NRPM that
> it will be an incentive to hoard, but it isn't in the NRPM yet.
> And once it is in, it will only be an incentive, we don't know
> if people will actually cheat/hoard.

You don't think 2008-6 is an unrestricted transfer proposal?

> Remember, the people who are pusing this transfer thing are ALSO
> waving around the spectre of hoarding as an emotional appeal to
> try to get support for their transfer allowance into the NRPM.  Please
> take the high road on this.

I believe I am taking the high road and looking out for what IMO is the good
of the community. I just happen to believe that it is necessary in this
instance to be vocal. I very rarely purposefully take the low road.

> Ted

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