[arin-ppml] Effect of ARIN's Letters

Roger Marquis marquis at roble.com
Sun May 3 15:33:51 EDT 2009

Fred Baker wrote:
> On May 1, 2009, at 12:10 PM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>> The issue is forcing people who have no connectivity at all
>> and who want to get it, to take IPv6 instead of IPv4.
> Far more importantly in the near term, to take IPv6 as well as IPv4,
> and if they have IPv4, to add IPv6. The point will come a few years
> from now when IPv6-only stares us in the face, but right now it's
> about being ready when that day comes. As some have said on this list,
> making the mistakes now instead of then, sorting out address plans now
> instead of then, and having content online for those folks to view.

Has anyone made a Gantt chart of ways a transition to IPv6 would work?  I'd
love to see it, especially if it doesn't contain the one pre-requisite
which, IMO, appears inevitable: 100% reachability.

While a small number of nodes will be able to live with a single protocol,
and limited access during a prolonged transition, the rest of us will need
to be able to reach hosts which speak either protocol.  So a critical path
(project management speak) would be predicated on 100% reachability.

If you agree with this hypothetical CP there are at least three paths:

   A) NAT everywhere.  IPv4 clients and servers will need an IPv6 gateway
   and IPv6 clients and servers will need an IPv4 gateway, or

   B) dual-stack everywhere.  Not really everywhere but on all servers and

   C) NAT everywhere that's not dual-stack.

The key here is everywhere, 100% reachability, i.e.,


At least this is how it appears in my imaginary project plan.  If there's
another way to do this, or something I've missed, please do follow-up.

As the IETF appears to be dropping the ball with regards to a NAT standards
(for the usual reasons, mainly incumbents hoping to turn a profit on the
"shortage") smaller ISPs will likely end up having to do most of the work
by implementing dual-stack where possible and nonstandard NAT everywhere
else.  To that end is there a centralized FAQ:

  A) listing netgear that supports v4-v6 NAT today,

  B) Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix dual-stack HowTos,

  C) a DNS with IPv6 NAT HowTo, and

  D) list of providers who are already routing IPv6 AND assigning IPv6
  addresses along with all IPv4 addresses?

Roger Marquis

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