[arin-ppml] Effect of ARIN's Letters

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Fri May 1 05:04:58 EDT 2009

> I don't think it's realistic to expect to run V6 only 
> webservers,

Sure it is. Either install your own 6to4 relay so that v4
users can access it, or set up web proxy servers that 
mediate between v4 and v6. It is quite realistic to use
pure v6 web servers today.

Google does something like this, but not with v6. They
have a proprietary protocol that is used internally in
their data centres, and it is only the front end servers
that speak IPv4 or IPv6.

And let's get really realistic here. If you sit around thinking
up reasons why you can't use IPv6 anywhere today, then when
you need to get v6 turned on you will not have any experience.
And you won't be able to buy in that experience because there
will be a shortage of experienced people. The wise move is to
start using v6 today, wherever you can.

Don't assume that something will not work. Set it up, try it
and find out specifically what does not work and why. Then chase
the vendors to get that problem fixed. Rinse, repeat, and become
an IPv6 expert in the process.

>  We are all going to be running v4 and v6 in 
> parallel for quite some time.

Why parallel? If you haven't actually deployed IPv6 and tested
it, then how do you know that running v6 and v4 in parallel is
the right way to go? You don't.

>  What we need to do is get V6 
> and V4 talking with each other, which would make it easy to 
> turn new customers up on V6 only, and leave existing 
> customers on V4, for now.  The cost savings and ease of 
> transition would be orders of magnitude better with this model.

Exactly! You need to get off your butt and set up 6to4 relays,
Teredo servers, NAT-PT boxes, and get testing. The technology is
there <http://www.getipv6.info>, now go out and figure out how
to best make it work in your network infrastructure.

Most of the big ISPs are doing exactly that, even with selected 
customers on IPv6 because there are a lot of large companies that
are also testing and trialing IPv6 internally.

--Michael Dillon

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