[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2009-3 (Global): Allocation of IPv4 Blocks to Regional Internet Registries

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Tue Mar 31 19:34:43 EDT 2009

On 31 Mar 2009 Martin Hannigan wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 6:00 PM, Scott Leibrand <scottleibrand at gmail.com>wrote:
> > Scott Leibrand wrote:
> >
> [ clip ]
> > 2009-3 is one such option, but I believe that the original proposed text
> >> would be problematic, because the mandatory return of reclaimed space
> >> removes most of the incentive for RIRs to reclaim space.  As a possible
> >> alternative, I think that making the return of reclaimed space optional
> >> would eliminate that concern, but it might also make the
> >
> >
> Changing the intent of a submitted policy doesn't seem like a sustainable
> course of action for any policy. We aren't making a good idea better, we're
> taking a challenging idea and making it into a different idea. Interesting.
> This is potentially a flaw in the new PDP.
> Under the new policy process, if the author withdraws the policy, do your
> revisions die with it?

My understaing is no, that would not kill this, the AC would have to officially 
abandon the Draft Policy or Policy Proposal.  According to the PDP, once the 
AC accepts the Policy Proposal to work on it really no longer belongs to the 
Author.  It then belongs to the AC, which is why we could change it.  

Now, in all likelyhood if the Authors abandon the Global Policy effort, the AC 
would likely abandon this Draft Policy.  But, I am only speculating as I am 
only one member of the AC, but I don't think I am to far out on a limb here.

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