[arin-ppml] clarification of Board actions Feb 2 and Mar 18, 2009

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Tue Mar 31 18:44:16 EDT 2009

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

> Only if the ARIN staff forget to wear their tinfoil hats.
> Seriously though, just consider one little thing for a moment,
> the US banking system.  You know, the same banking system that
> mugged the US Government late last year for 700 billion dollars.
> Think of just how much money those bank CEOs have saved with firing
> tellers and replacing them with online banking access over the
> Internet.
> Now, imagine ARIN telling Chase Bank "sorry, you can't setup that
> new online banking center because we think the world has run out
> out of IPv4 addresses but we aren't sure because we lost track of
> a couple million of them" and try to guess how long ARIN would exist
> as an entity after that.
> Party's over, folks.  Time to get down and get serious about this
> or be content allowing it go to the bureaucrats.

A more plausible scenario (I think) if it comes down to lawsuits is
people like me and my /22 being reclaimed upon because I'm unable to
afford more lawyers than Chase or other large orgs that want more space.
Only after the small orgs are gone and forced back to PA space will it
become government controlled. Or the big orgs will fight it out until
the whole thing is tied up in 20 levels of lawsuits.

Just a theory, but one that small players like myself think about.


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