[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2009-1: Is there an Emergency?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Tue Mar 31 17:24:16 EDT 2009


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> >From this perspective the emergency begins for each vehicle when they
> reach a point where they _will_ stall.  I think the better 
> question though (and the one you are asking) is when does it 
> become an emergency for the community as a whole?  When is it 
> an emergency for the ARIN region?  Unfortunately, to this I 
> do not have a definitive answer.  Is it when we know that any 
> one member will stall?  Or when 10% reach that point?  25%, 
> 50%?  What portion of our community is at this point already?

I disagree with this car analogy stuff.  The UPv4 runout is
much more a road analogy

It is like everyone owns cars that are 4 feet wide, all roads
are 4 feet wide - but we just ran out of land, so now, all
new roads can only be 3 feet wide and nobody's existing car
will fit on them.  But, new cars will fit on both old and
new roads.  So from now on all new road construction will be
3 foot wide roads and everyone who owns an existing 4 foot wide road
can run either 3 or 4 foot wide cars on it - but drivers will
need to get the new 3 foot wide cars to be able to run over
the entire road system.

Lots of drivers will simply avoid going to the places served by
the 3 foot wide roads, until that is we get smart and start putting
all the clothing-optional beaches at the end of 3 foot wide roads. ;-)


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