[arin-ppml] clarification of Board actions Feb 2 and Mar 18, 2009

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Tue Mar 31 17:10:41 EDT 2009

Kevin Kargel wrote:
> If ARIN is managing the redistribution at least we have a benevolent entity
> managing the process.
If that benevolent entity doesn't pay market rates to people who might 
have IP addresses that, at some cost to them, they could return AND 
doesn't forcibly reclaim all space and redistribute it on a needs basis, 
then it won't have very many addresses to give back out.
> In the free market the only limit to cost is what the market will bear.  He
> with the deepest pockets will dictate the cost.
Because there's already another transfer mechanism, that will already be 
> It will hurt if the dentist cleans your teeth, it will hurt if the dentist
> does a root canal, so by your logic you might as well get the root canal.
> The difference is the order of magnitutde.
If my teeth hurt and there's an appointment for a root canal available 
tomorrow and no appointments for cleanings for the next 7 years, I might 
very well just go get the root canal and move on to other more pressing 

Matthew Kaufman

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