[arin-ppml] clarification of Board actions Feb 2 and Mar 18, 2009

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Mar 18,2009

		It is NOT necessary to create a buying-and-selling market of
	IP numbers to obtain close to 100% use of routable IPv4.  It
	is merely necessary to prove that all assignable, routable IPv4
	is in use on the Internet.  Cleaning and grooming WHOIS is a
	major first step.

	What you seem to miss is that a transfer system, executed properly,
is the best way to clean and groom the Whois system because it harnesses the
private incentive to benefit from trades. ARIN can either swim upstream or
swim downstream.   


  This is a leading argument.  We have a dirty WHOIS that needs cleaning.  A
transfer system will clean it.  Therefore a transfer system is the best way
to clean it.  Your conveniently failing to supply any reasoning
of WHY it is the best way other than "just because"

As for your assertion that the major NA ISP's are opposed to increasing
government involvement, that does not invalidate the fear argument at all.
the "UN" with "coalition of the largest and richest NA ISPs" and you have
exactly the same scenario - namely, that we have something right now that
operates somewhat democratically, and it will be changed into a system
that is operated autocratically for the good of the rich.

  But frankly I happen to believe the power of government is far larger than
any group of rich ISPs. The US Government, after all, broke up Bell
Pushing around a bunch of ISP's will be child's play.


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