[arin-ppml] Summary of 2009-1 discussion so far

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> Hello All,
> This email is rather long but I wanted to try and summarize some of the
> discussion of 2009-1 so far. My apologies if I neglected any particular
> comments or if my counts might be off. I was trying to select one or two
> points from each of the major issues, and I was consolidating more than
> one thread. If you have not done so already, please let the AC know if
> you are in favor or against this proposal, or if you have specific
> suggestions as to how the wording should be changed.
> Notable Points:
> Recurring questions of clarity and procedure.
> 	Why did the BoT use the Emergency PDP?
> 	Where is the proper explanation in the meeting minutes?
> 	What was the emergency?
> 	Why was this needed?
> 	Is 2008-6 actually accepted and just not implemented?
Don't forget the point that any proposal promoting a monetized P2P transfer
policy is bad.  


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