[arin-ppml] How hard is it to transition to IPv6?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Fri Mar 27 19:46:59 EDT 2009


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> The only dialog 
> that will help you get what you need to fully deploy IPv6 is 
> dialog with your suppliers.
> If you aren't already engaged in that dialog this late in the 
> game then you definitely should be complaining to suppliers, 
> raising ruckus with them, escalating it with them and suing 
> them if necessary.

I couldn't agree more.

For nearly 2 years I periodically raised ruckuses with one of
my upstreams.  (you know who you are)

Then one day, partly as a result of my bitching,
they started offering native IPv6.  It turned out I wasn't the
only one of their customers bitching.

You see, I -helped- them because now they have it done and out
of the way.

Now, I just gotta finish the work on my own gateway devices (which
I found to my annoyance, have some issues)

Persistence works.


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