[arin-ppml] How hard is it to transition to IPv6?

Antonio Querubin tony at lava.net
Fri Mar 27 15:49:57 EDT 2009

On Fri, 27 Mar 2009, Scott Helms wrote:

>    I wish I were as optimistic as you, and my view is based on testing
> in our environment.  While it will be fairly easy for some kinds of
> companies this is going to be a total nightmare for ISP's.  It's pain
> that has to borne, but that doesn't make it easy to swallow.

I don't think it's that extreme for ISPs.  As with any major undertaking, 
it's best done by breaking the task up into small manageable pieces.  It 
will take time, but it's nowhere near as difficult as some say.  The key 
for us has been to integrate the necessary changes into normal equipment, 
infrastructure, and software/application update plans.  We started messing 
with IPv6 years ago, we're still not completely done yet, and some parts 
of our infrastructure and services may never be IPv6 ready.  But having 
started the transition process early means we're better prepared to handle 
any future customer requirements.

Antonio Querubin
whois:  AQ7-ARIN

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