[arin-ppml] How hard is it to transition to IPv6?

Michael Loftis mloftis at wgops.com
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> Juniper does support those ssg/netscreen products on IPv6. You do need a
> cli to enable:
> set envar ipv6=yes

Yes but AFAIK, JTAC does not *support* it on smaller devices, so if it 
causes you to crash every five minutes, you're SOL.  I might be wrong on 
that now though.

> Where I see flaws is the total supporting package.  I have a router that
> has no IPv4.  Yet I need a v4 address for BGP RID.  I cannot upgrade the
> device via v6, nor can it use v6 log, resolver, or time services.  But
> it does route and filter v6 like a madman.
> Personally, I am IPv6 full steam ahead, and I think for many
> organizations it will not be as bad as they suspect.  They just need
> some education, a lot of FUD has been distributed.
> -dsd
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>> http://www.networkworld.com/news/2009/032509-google-ipv6-easy.html
>> At the IETF meeting there was a panel discussion on transitioing
>> to IPv6, at which Google gave their perspective.  I know a lot of
>> folks have been looking for some more concrete information on how
>> hard the transition will be, and here's one companies's take on it.
>> I would like to applaud Google for both being out front and talking
>> about their experiences.
> For some it's still impossible.  Eg any cable operator, why?  Consumer
> devices still don't have v6.  Even many "business" class devices do not.
> In my own experience I've run across Watchguard Firebox X Edge series,
> all
> lower end juniper ssg/netscreen devices -- though i'm told you can
> enable
> it from the CLI but it's unsupported, Juniper's M7i ASM as of 8.5R4.2
> while
> it'll let you setup stateful firewalling stuff for v6 connections, it
> just
> doesn't work at all.  I've not tried any other ASM/Services w/ v6
> though.
> And I'm sure the list goes on.
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