[arin-ppml] DraftPolicy 2009-1: TransferPolicy (UsingtheEmergencyPDP)

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> Are you actually saying you think that creating these tunnels, with
> the side effect of reliance on a third party for security and
> stability, not to mention the profit of the party providing service,
> is better for the Internet than transferring an address to the party
> that wants to reach the (legacy) IPv4-only hosts that will remain on
> the Internet for some time?
> Really?
Yes, absolutely.  There are tunnels already in existence and working.  The
cost is much less and the harm is nonexistent.  There is a legitimate market
those wanting to reap instant profits can get in to.  Go for the v4-v6
Gateway service market.  Oh wait, I forgot, Enterprise class routers like
Cisco already do this automatically.
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