[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2009-1: Transfer Policy (Using the Emergency PDP)

Scott Leibrand scottleibrand at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 19:54:38 EDT 2009

Bill Woodcock wrote:
>     > 2. Within 2008-6 the title of section 8.4 was "Emergency Transfer Policy for 
>     > IPv4 Addresses".  2009-1 doesn't include any language to limit this 
>     > to IPv4 resources only.
> Is there a perceived problem there?  Is there a perceived need to 
> transfer IPv6 addresses or ASNs?  If so, is that more problematic than 
> IPv4 addresses?

I heard a number of people express the opinion that we don't want to set 
a permanent precedent allowing transfers of IPv6 (and ASN).  Both 2008-2 
and 2008-6 were very explicit that transfers were only being allowed as 
a result of the extraordinary circumstance of IPv4 exhaustion, and that 
such transfers would not be allowed for any other type of number resource.

I believe it would be appropriate to restore such a limitation to 
section 8.3 of 2009-1.


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