[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2009-1: Transfer Policy (UsingtheEmergencyPDP)

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Wed Mar 25 22:16:55 EDT 2009

Kevin Kargel wrote:
> If IP addresses become property they will end up going to the highest
> bidder.  This will drive the cost of IP addresses to the maximum that the
> market will bear.  That cost will be passed to the consumer.  This hurts the
> community.
And the post-runout alternative you propose is...?

No matter how bad the future where IP addresses can be traded for money 
(which is already the case without the policy... big ISPs in need of 
address space will acquire other whole or spun-off entities that hold 
address space in order to reuse it), the future where IP addresses are 
unavailable and *not even the highest bidder* can get them is worse.

Unless you have a solution I'm not thinking of where the nice friendly 
Internet community can still get all the IPv4 space it needs to last 
through a transition that is starting too late to be done before runout.

Matthew Kaufman

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