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I have and will continue to express my opposition to any policy that permits
a privatized IP market by allowing peer to peer transfers without submitting
the IP blocks for fair distribution to the community.  Turning IP addresses
in to a marketable commodity will severely harm the community.

And why would that be? Could you please provide some evidence of this harm
along with your claim so that we can appropriately analyze and respond?

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I have repeatedly provided evidence and didn’t think this needed to be an
extended tome.  Some key points in brief here, longer winded diatribes are
in the archives.

If IP addresses become property they will end up going to the highest
bidder.  This will drive the cost of IP addresses to the maximum that the
market will bear.  That cost will be passed to the consumer.  This hurts the

If IP addresses become monetized property they become regulable
(regulateable?).  IP addresses will be governed under different rules by
every government on earth.  This will hurt the community.

If IP addresses become monetized property they will be taxed. Someone needs
to pay for all the government regulation. This will hurt the community.

If IP addresses move to a privatized market then only the big players will
be able to afford them.  The large players will use dollars and lawyers to
make sure they have a competitive advantage.  This will destroy the small
companies involved in the internet and prevent community based internet
services from being feasible.  This will hurt the community.  
Evidence of this can be seen in what happened to the radio spectrum when the
FCC moved to an auction format to dispense them.  Small company owned
commercial radio stations are far and few between now.  Small companies are
forced to move in to unregulated and unprotected frequencies for
communication because they cannot afford to license their own spectrum.
Amateur radio operaters have been squeezed in to smaller and smaller
spectrums until they are virtually unusable.  Amateur radio is much less

There are dozens if not hundreds of further points that show how the
community will be hurt by privatizing IP addresses.  The end effect will be
that the Internet will be too expensive for the middle class person to use.
Only large corps and wealthy individuals will have direct access.  The rich
will get richer and the poor will get poorer.  Middle class students will
have fewer resources for education than upper class students.  This will
stratify the classes in society even more strongly than they exist today.  

I believe we have a good system the way it is.  I see no reason to fix
something that isn’t broken, especially for the reason of creating an
artificial commodity market as a growth opportunity.  Don't let your greed
overcome your social responsibility.


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