[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2009-1: Transfer Policy (UsingtheEmergencyPDP)

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> 2008-6 had marginal consensus support.  That support was largely due to
> three things, I believe.
> 1. The policy statement was distilled to the most fundamental and
> essential language.
> 2. The rationale made it quite clear what the intent was and as
> specifically, what its intend was not.
> 3. The implementation timetable deferred the implementation until such a
> time as there was indeed real scarity.

I think even "marginal" support is an overstatement.  In my possibly tainted
view the majority opposed the proposal.  This is why I am upset that it was
forced in by the same tactics used by politicians to force pork barrel
projects in that have been voted down by the citizens.  

I have and will continue to express my opposition to any policy that permits
a privatized IP market by allowing peer to peer transfers without submitting
the IP blocks for fair distribution to the community.  Turning IP addresses
in to a marketable commodity will severely harm the community.  

Whether or not 2008-6 states it does not intend to create a market that is
exactly what it does.  It will allow any of the big players who can justify
an IP block to negotiate for and purchase IP's, and it then allows them to
market and sell those same IP's.  2008-6 very readily creates the vehicle
that will allow corporations to become IP brokers.  

2009-1 has the same effect by it's inclusion of 2008-6.  

If this resolution becomes active policy I propose we declare ARIN obsolete
and replace it with a web based database where each record holder has the
privilege to reassign ownership and administration of all or part of his
records arbitrarily.

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