[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2009-2: Depleted IPv4 reserves

Matthew Wilder Matthew.Wilder at telus.com
Tue Mar 24 16:42:00 EDT 2009

So to summarize, the large ISPs should take one for the team and force their customers onto a network standard that would cut them off from the majority of content they are interested in, incurring massive cost while doing so, and then every other ISP out there doesn't have to worry about IPv4 exhaust because it won't even happen.  When you put it that way, I will bring the business case to my superiors and get approval right away!


Ron Cleven wrote:
> Paul,

> Thank you.  Your response seems entirely reasonable.  Any large ISP would, of course, focus on the logistics of transitioning their residential customers first (cuz that is where nearly all of their IP addresses are), to reach a point where new customers would be IPv6, then gradually migrate older customers to IPv6, using whatever scheme works best for them.  Once this is done, as you say, the pressure is off, because there would be no need for new IPv4 allocations.

> Hence, I can only conclude that TELUS has yet to figure out how to accommodate their residential customers in the context of IPv6 yet. 
Otherwise, they would have no need for any new IPv4 allocations, and Matthew would have no reason to protest.

> I am sorry to pick on Matthew, because I probably agree with him on his ultimate point.  However, what this all leads to, of course, is whether or not ANY large ISP's have begun large-scale roll-out of new broadband
(cable/DSL) residential customers in such a fashion that those new customers are forced to use IPv6?

> If that has started happening, have the technical details of the "model" 
been widely published or are they a closely guarded secret?  If it HAS started happening, then the depletion of IPv4 should be a moot point.

> If it has not started happening, is it because the large ISP's have not figured out how to make it work "cleanly" yet, because that is the only reason I can imagine?

> I understand my comments might sound naive, but if no such "clean" 
transitional model exists, then we's in a world of hurt.

> Ron

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