[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2009-1: Transfer Policy (Using theEmergency PDP)

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Tue Mar 24 16:32:43 EDT 2009

Kevin Kargel wrote:
> 2008-6 met with great resistance when it was presented in the past.  While
> the text of 2008-6 says it's intent is not to create a market that is
> exactly what it does.  
> I continue to stand firm against p2p transfer policies and I find the boards use of emergency powers to implement such a policy against or in spite of the wishes of the community abusive.

I understand you're against paid transfers, but I think that the AC 
properly concluded that there was community consensus to do _something_, 
and 2008-6 was the best (or least-bad, if you prefer) option available.

Consensus does not mean that you (or anyone else) is going to get what 
you want every time.

> I do not think there is much I can do other than whine, and this does show to me the futility of trying to be active and part of the process.  I guess that money wins out and people will do whatever it takes to create the artificial IP address market.

Participation is not futile, even when you lose.  I also disagree with 
your baseless (and easily refuted) accusation that the proponents of an 
address market are motivated by personal financial gain, but we've been 
through that before...

> This leaves me quite disheartened and with a much less confidence in ARIN
> administration.  

I'm not thrilled with the (lack of) transparency demonstrated to date 
with this action, either.  I still haven't puzzled out exactly what the 
BoT _did_, much less why or whether I (dis)agree with it -- and that's a 
serious problem.

This situation is not, IMHO, what the emergency policy powers were 
intended for; if there were some fatal flaw in 2008-6 that prevented the 
BoT from adopting it, they _should_ have sent it back to the AC and made 
it an agenda item for the upcoming public policy meeting.  It'd be a 
different matter if the policy were adopted and some fatal flaw were 
discovered after implementation, and the ideal action there would be to 
suspend the policy until the flaw could be corrected via the normal PDP...


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