[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2009-2: Depleted IPv4 reserves

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Tue Mar 24 15:09:04 EDT 2009

Matthew Wilder wrote:
> I don't protest for the sake of demanding unfair privileges on the behalf of large ISPs.  I protest a policy that says everyone can have their needs completely met except for one group, which can't even have a reasonable fraction of their need met.

By the time this proposal would become active, there would not be enough 
IP addresses left for the mega-ISPs to all have a "reasonable fraction 
of their need met" anyways, given the rate of consumption and allocation 
window.  The difference in a few percentage points (getting 10% of their 
request instead of 15%) for those mega-ISPs, though, would be the 
difference between the thousands of other members getting most of what 
they need for a year or two and getting absolutely nothing (because the 
mega-ISPs had grabbed up the entire remaining free pool in one request).

There is simply no way to be "fair" when 1% of members account for 80%+ 
of the IPv4 burn rate; someone's going to get screwed when we hit the 
wall, and the options are screwing only the biggest 1% or screwing 
everyone (including that 1%).  You might not see a difference from where 
you sit, but the other 99% of us do.


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