[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2008-7: Identify Invalid WHOIS POC's

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Tue Mar 24 14:18:13 EDT 2009

Hi Keith,

  My original proposal that 2008-7 is based on
incorporated some of these so I know exactly where your
coming from.  However we decided not to be this specific
because it gives ARIN staff flexibility in how to design
these notifications to make it through spam filters.

  For people running spam filtering on their POC addresses
you would think they would have the wherewithall to 
whitelist ARIN's sending e-mail address in their spam filter.

  ARIN staff is being given the power to make a determination
if a POC is "completely and permanently abandonded or otherwise
illegitimate" by this policy, we would assume that they would
make a telephone call if the e-mail to the POC is not responded

  You want to be careful here because some of this is operations
and some policy - ARIN staff cannot design an operations procedure
until policy authorizes it.


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> Invalid WHOIS POC's
> > During ARINs annual WHOIS POC validation, an e-mail will be sent to 
> > every POC in the WHOIS database. Each POC will have a maximum of 60 
> > days to respond with an affirmative that their WHOIS contact 
> > information is correct and complete. Unresponsive POC email 
> addresses 
> > shall be marked as such in the database. If ARIN staff 
> deems a POC to 
> > be completely and permanently abandoned or otherwise 
> illegitimate, the 
> > record shall be deleted.
> Policy should clearly require that the email message:
>  - MUST be in text/plain format (MUST NOT be HTML)
>  - MUST be sent from a system which has valid meshed forward 
> and reverse DNS
>  - MUST originate from the ARIN.NET domain
> That is, in order to qualify as an "e-mail" then absolutely 
> strict RFC compliance shall be required for the SMTP mailer, 
> and the message itself must be text/plain.
> Otherwise, "spam discard" may be confused with "un-responsive"
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