[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2009-2: Depleted IPv4 reserves

Martin Hannigan martin.hannigan at batelnet.bs
Tue Mar 24 13:37:24 EDT 2009

> *Policy statement:*
> 4.1.8 Depleted IPv4 reserves
> A limit will be applied to all IPv4 address requests when ARIN's reserve
> of unallocated IPv4 address space drops below an equivalent /9. When
> this happens, an ISP or End User may receive up to a single /20 within a
> six month period. This restriction will be lifted in the event the
> reserve of unallocated IPv4 address space increases to an equivalent /7.

This policy seems to impose exactly the same unfair application that Counsel
described in the summary for  global policy for returning v4 space to the
IANA[3]. Creating equal shares only means that equal allocations occur. It
still creates a severe need imbalance and potentially creates an unfair
advantage for smaller players that a /20 does fulfill their needs.

What's the projection of the impact of this policy on our final exhaustion,
total meltdown of IPv4 allocations utilizing in-region maximum[1] available

Perhaps we should instead make it less desireable to get PI and have anyone
who needs a /20 or less accept PA from their upstream?

A this time, I am not in favor of this policy.


[1] http://aso.icann.org/docs/aso-001-2.pdf
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