[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Sunset 2008-6 on schedule

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Fri Mar 20 15:53:59 EDT 2009


staff could have contacted you right after you submitted your proposal and
reminded you that the boards' decision hadn't been posted yet.  Or more
obviously, asked you "what decision" so you could have sent out a
followup to the ppl yourself before the post was made.

Owen, when your running an organization, you take the blame for the
orgs screwups.  You aren't running ARIN, ARIN staff is running ARIN.
They take the blame for the timing mistake on the proposal release, NOT you.

Hasn't anyone learned from the US's newest President Obama?  How many times
he stated that the current economic crisis was NOT something he created,
BUT he is in charge now, so HE is responsible.  Owen, YOU aren't in charge,
you are blameless on the timing - and you deserve kudos on objecting
to this board decision in any case.  If there was some legal problem
with the proposal the board discovered at the last minute they should have
halted proceedings on it and gone back to the submitter and worked with
him on it.

I highly doubt that anything the board says to justify their decision
will pass muster on the ppml.  Even if the proposal author comes out
in support of what the board did, I still would oppose this action - I
would rather have seen the entire proposal scratched and a new one
submitted to go through the usual discussion without the sunset clause.

Sunset clauses are VERY COMMONLY used to get controversal and somewhat
objectionable public policy past the voters.  There's almost certainly
people who would have changed their position on the original proposal
if it lacked a sunset clause - otherwise a sunset clause would never
have been put in it in the first place.  To pass such "legislation" with
a clause and then remove the clause immediately after passage is unheard of.


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> On Mar 20, 2009, at 12:00 PM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> >
> > OK, but I still am opposed to removal of a sunsetting 
> clause on this 
> > change - thus I still fully support your proposal.
> >
> On this, we agree.  Thanks for your support.
> > I also can't see how this proposal hitting the public before the 
> > board's action is an error on your part.  YOU didn't post your 
> > proposal to the mailing list, ARIN AKA  Member Services did.  You 
> > merely sent a proposal to them.
> >
> My proposal was based on privileged advanced communication of 
> the boards decision to the AC.  Once a proposal is submitted, 
> staff has a rigid and limited timeframe by which they MUST 
> send it to PPML.  I should have been aware of this timeline 
> and should have held my submission accordingly.  Staff did 
> what they are required to do.
> > If they HAD IMMEDIATELY documented this, it would not have 
> mattered if 
> > the proposal had gone out "early"
> >
> This is a very recent decision by the board, and, it is not 
> unreasonable for them to take a few days to develop the 
> announcement.  It is not staff's prerogative to communicate 
> the boards decisions to the public.
> Again, I want to make it very clear to everyone that the only 
> inappropriate action here was that I submitted my proposal 
> earlier than I should have.
> While I do not agree with the board's decision, they have 
> acted within their authority in a manner they believe to be 
> best for the community.  I believe they have taken this 
> action with integrity and all appropriate deliberation. I 
> expect they will announce the decision shortly. I expect that 
> would happen with or without my proposal.
> The timing error here is mine and mine alone and I really 
> want to avoid any unnecessary and invalid accusations being 
> hurled at staff or the board for my error.
> So, everyone, please have a little patience and wait for the 
> Board announcement.  I apologize for letting the cat out of 
> the bag early and causing all of this confusion. If you 
> really must send flaming accusations to someone for the 
> timing on this, please send them just to me.
> Owen

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