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The longer (better) article at http://www.benedelman.org/publications/runningout-draft.pdf 
  has an explicit answer for the second question at the bottom of page  

"Disclosure: I provide advice to ARIN’s counsel on matters pertaining  
to v6 transition, v4
exhaustion, and possible revisions to ARIN’s v4 transfer policy.

This paper expresses only my own views – not the views of ARIN or of  
those who kindly
discussed these matters with me. "


On 2009Mar18, at 5:32 PM, Heather Schiller wrote:

> Is Ben Edelman still on the ARIN payroll or still consulting for ARIN?
> Is Ben Edelman speaking on behalf of ARIN or representing ARIN's point
> of view in this article?
> http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/5968.html
> A: A market-based approach offers a real benefit to those who still  
> need
> more IPv4 addresses after ordinary supplies run out. Rather than being
> told that no more IPv4 space is available, on any terms or at any  
> price,
> these networks could offer payments to get v4 space from others. It's
> unlikely that other networks would return their space for free—why  
> would
> they? But if the price is right, they may be willing to transfer the
> space to someone who needs it more.
> So the core benefit is allocative efficiency, moving scarce  
> resources to
> those who need them most.
> But there are other benefits, too. By putting a positive price on IPv4
> space, a market mechanism would remind current v4 users that their v4
> space is valuable, and that they might want to try to vacate it, to  
> the
> extent they can, perhaps by moving to IPv6. A market basically tells
> networks: "We will pay you to use v6 instead." That's a transition
> incentive quite different from anything we've seen to date. That's a
> transition incentive that just might work.
> Q: Who will make this decision? Will governments play a role?
> A: IP addresses are given out by five Regional Internet Registries
> (RIRs). In North America, our RIR is the American Registry for  
> Internet
> Numbers (ARIN). RIRs are private nonprofits, not a government agency,
> and their powers are appropriately limited. But RIRs are in a position
> to allow paid transfers, if they conclude that such transfers are in  
> the
> Internet's best interests.
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