[arin-ppml] (curiosity) a policy which addresses which POCcontacts ARIN should spam?

Jo Rhett jrhett at svcolo.com
Mon Mar 2 18:10:41 EST 2009

On Mar 2, 2009, at 8:30 AM, Kevin Kargel wrote:
> I agree that notices from ARIN "may be" necessary and useful.  In  
> our case
> the addresses subscribed to ARIN-announce are real people.  The few  
> emails
> we get to that address are minor and do not construe any undue  
> hardship.
> IMHO the trivial nuisance is far outweighed by the occasional actually
> important message.
> If my memory serves me right when I signed up for the list it was  
> strongly
> suggested that the subscriber be a real person with no auto-replies.
> Personally I do not think that directing informational mailing lists  
> to a
> trouble ticket system falls within 'best practice', but that is me.

Kevin, I find myself in full agreement with you except that this isn't  
the matter under discussion.

ARIN sent mail not to a subscribed direct mailing list, but to every  
POC contact in the database.  In particular, the (A)buse contact goes  
to an abuse helpdesk which tracks down and deals with abuse reports.   
It is not an appropriate destination for ARIN information notices.

Direct mailing lists like this one are appropriate.  Mailing to the  
POC contacts assigned for ARIN communication, and for which role  
accounts are not appropriate, as likewise appropriate.  Neither of  
these were used.

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