[arin-ppml] (curiosity) a policy which addresses which POC contacts ARIN should spam?

Jo Rhett jrhett at svcolo.com
Mon Mar 2 18:07:09 EST 2009

On Feb 27, 2009, at 5:41 PM, James Hess wrote:
> My suggestion would be actually, that if you automatically create  
> tickets
> upon receipt of a message,
> adjust your systems so as to exclude "do-not-reply at arin.net",  to  
> properly
> direct them to a human like ARIN expects instead of creating some  
> sort of
> useless ticket in a database.

No.  There are different POC contacts defined in the Policy manual for  
a reason.  They are not identical and equivalent.  There is one which  
specifically should be used, and it was not.  There are several which  
are clearly inappropriate, and they were used.

Upon re-reading and further discussion offline I (now) believe that  
the current policy correctly addresses this matter, and no policy  
change is required. It was an operational mistake on ARIN's part.   
Obviously this matter may return here later.

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