[arin-ppml] clarification of Board actions Feb 2 and Mar 18, 2009

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Mon Mar 30 14:04:06 EDT 2009

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> I'm not aware of of any text in 2008-6 which required or even
> recommended that the board declare an emergency in order to activate
> it. My understanding of 2008-6 was that it was to be active upon
> finding of consensus and ratification by the board. The word
> "emergency" in the title was a no-op; it's presence in a proposal
> title has no defined meaning within the published PDP. It only
> reflected the author's view that creating a transfer policy was
> important.

So you are claiming that a policy that had the word "emergency" in the title both 
1. had broad consensus and 
2. represented no agreement that anything approximating an emergency was involved. 

interesting interpretation. 

> I supported 2008-6. I disapproved of the use of the word "emergency"
> in the title and would have opposed the policy had I believed the word
> to be anything more than a no-op. I doubt I'm the only one in this
> position.

apparently all those others, like you, failed to make this clear in the discussion of the policy 

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