[arin-ppml] (curiosity) a policy which addresses which POCcontacts ARIN should spam?

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Mon Mar 2 11:30:43 EST 2009

I agree that notices from ARIN "may be" necessary and useful.  In our case
the addresses subscribed to ARIN-announce are real people.  The few emails
we get to that address are minor and do not construe any undue hardship.
IMHO the trivial nuisance is far outweighed by the occasional actually
important message.

If my memory serves me right when I signed up for the list it was strongly
suggested that the subscriber be a real person with no auto-replies.  

Personally I do not think that directing informational mailing lists to a
trouble ticket system falls within 'best practice', but that is me.


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My suggestion would be actually, that if you automatically create tickets
upon receipt of a message,
adjust your systems so as to exclude "do-not-reply at arin.net",  to properly
direct them to a human like ARIN expects instead of creating some sort of
useless ticket in a database.

The annoyance of 'closing a ticket' is one manufactured by using unexpected
I believe POCs are meant to be the human beings responsible who can be
immediately reached, not necessarily automated systems,  for just filing a
ticket away for a while.

And I don't find it surprising in the least, that once in a blue moon, there
is an important issue that ARIN needs to notify every single contact of -- 
even such that they don't get to opt out really; if they are a registrant,
they have a responsibility to receive certain communications....

However, I  dothink the notice may have been wasteful and unnecessary in
this case.   The warning in January about the change to 4-byte AS numbers
was far more important.

The creation of a special announce list for POCs, for more general notices 
may be a suitable solution, but once every few years on average, I would
still expect there could be an emergency notice to all POCs, depending on
the severity of the issue they all need to be aprised of immediately.

For all I know, they had thousands of registrants complaining to ARIN about
the incorrect geography search engines were giving,  asking to get a block
from a different /8  instead, or something.

In that case, sending a notice to the small number of contacts who had
manually subscribed to a mailing list would be a highly-ineffective way of
getting the notice out to the sites having issues.

On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 7:37 PM, Jo Rhett <jrhett at svcolo.com> wrote:
After having ARIN spam not only the Admin contacts and the POC contact
of record for our business, we watched the same ARIN message hit each
and every one of our different ticket/helpdesk systems -- including

I sincerely doubt that this is helpful or useful.  Would it be
difficult to define exactly which POC contacts should receive non-
specific ARIN communications?
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