[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 93: Predicable IPv4 Run Out by Prefix Size - Revised

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Thu Jun 18 19:14:53 EDT 2009

On 18 Jun 2009 Martin Hannigan wrote:

> Not in favor. Any change from first and first out based on the current
> minimum allocation unit is a mid game change which is patently unfair.

This does nothing to change first-in-first out, does nothing to change 
minimum allocation units at all only sets a maximum allocation unit, a ceiling 
based on the total available resources in the ARIN free pool.  If there are a 
lot of resources you can still get a lot, you just can't clean ARIN out with a 
singe request.  

> Automatically changing the allocation size is quite different than
> requiring a policy proposal _based on current conditions_.
> Circumstances may chance the popularity of such a proposal. One could
> argue that it too could be changed. Why not simply change the
> allocation unit from meet to meet?>

If you want to put in a conservative Maximum allocation unit in like everyone 
only gets a /20 when ARIN get to some point then OK.  But, in 2009-2 people 
called that rationing and didn't like it.

I don't want NYBISP (Name Your Big ISP) taking the last /10 ARIN has and 
cleaning out the free pool.  This will create a political @#$$% storm, if that 
happens.  If it happens, it will not be NYBISP's fault it will be ours because 
they will only be doing what we are telling them to do.  Big ISP are not evil, 
they are Big and use lots of addresses, if you tell them they should clean out 
ARIN they can, will, and should, because it is what we are telling them they 
should do.

In the example above instead of NYBISP get the last /10, they would get a 
/12 and could come back in 3 month if there is anything left, this maximum 
goes down and down until you get to a /20 and them someone big or small 
get the last /20 then ARIN runs out. 

I was trying to find a way make the end-game work without rationing, that is 
what people seemed to want comming out of San Antonio.

If you don't like this way what do you suggest?

> Best,
> Martin

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