[arin-ppml] large vs small?

Brian Johnson bjohnson at drtel.com
Mon Jun 15 13:51:12 EDT 2009

- Brian

> I've heard the arguments that supposedly it takes less work for ARIN
> manage large allocations than small allocations.  Then I look at the
> work that ARIN has done for us over the years on our small allocation
> (ie: nothing since originally issuing it) and I cannot understand why
> anyone would say this.  How can ARIN do negative work?  Less work than
> nothing is negative.

So you are assuming that ARIN has to do "work" on the larger
allocations? Please explain what work needs to be done on an allocation,
post it being allocated. Also explain what the difference in allocation
size has to do with doing such work.

> Cost per IP is much less for large allocations than small allocations.

I don't understand this argument. YOU DO NOT PAY FOR IP ADDRESSES. THE

> I might feel differently if I had heard that ARIN was spending months
> fighting with small IPv4 holders over the phone for them to release
> resources.  But then I'd wonder how exactly doing this would free up
> significant IPv4
> When a large ISP gets an IPv4 address for less money than a small ISP
> that is anticompetitive.  The only reason the community hasn't
> is the expenditures work out to pennies per year per IP and people
> think
> that a bunch of very tiny expenditures are somehow less interesting
> than
> one very large expenditure.

The annual fee to a large ISP is more than it is to a small ISP. If you
are trying to make it an even playing field, let's make the fee the same
for every member... oops that doesn't help your argument does it. :) The
"cost per IP" is a non-starter in my mind because YOU DO NOT PAY FOR IP

> I'd assume large ISP's don't participate because any of their
> people who understand the issues are under orders to say nothing
> publically without vetting it with a company lawyer.  That's one
> I don't work for a large company, frankly.
> I do think it's a mistake to assume the large ISP's aren't paying
> attention to what goes on here.  I'm sure if we did something that
> them you would suddenly find out how much they would participate.
> That's probably why fees are not under the control of this list. ;-)

<sarcasm>I love hyperbole and "class-warfare".</sarcasm>

- Brian

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