[arin-ppml] [arin-announce] Policy Proposal: Transfer listingservice

John Schnizlein schnizlein at isoc.org
Fri Jun 12 17:15:54 EDT 2009

In context below:

On 2009Jun12, at 4:57 PM, Stephen Sprunk wrote:

> Kevin Kargel wrote:
>>> Behalf Of Scott Leibrand
>>> ...
>>> That might work too, but ARIN counsel, the AC, and others involved  
>>> thought it belonged in the 2008-2 transfer policy, and the CEO has  
>>> said they don't plan to do a listing service without policy  
>>> directing them to do so.
>>> What do you think of the idea itself?
>> Personally I do not want to see ARIN getting in to the broker  
>> business,
>> which is directly where a listing service is heading.
> I am against ARIN becoming a broker as well, and part of 2009-1 was
> intended to keep ARIN clear of that mess.
> However, a listing service does not a broker make.  It is no different
> than putting up a bulletin board where people can post "want to buy"  
> and
> "want to sell" notes; it does not make ARIN a broker, who is  
> actually a
> party to each transaction.

That particular horse may already be out of the barn.  The adopted  
policy includes this, which makes ARIN party to each transaction:

8.3 Transfers to Specified Recipients
Number resources may be released, in whole or in part, to ARIN for  
transfer to another specified organizational recipient, by any  
authorized resource holder within the ARIN region.  ...


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