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>> That might work too, but ARIN counsel, the AC, and others involved thought it belonged in the 2008-2 transfer policy, and the CEO has said they don't plan to do a listing service without policy directing them to do so.
>> What do you think of the idea itself?
> Personally I do not want to see ARIN getting in to the broker business,
> which is directly where a listing service is heading. 

I am against ARIN becoming a broker as well, and part of 2009-1 was
intended to keep ARIN clear of that mess.

However, a listing service does not a broker make.  It is no different
than putting up a bulletin board where people can post "want to buy" and
"want to sell" notes; it does not make ARIN a broker, who is actually a
party to each transaction.

> If we take this initial step we might as well go ahead and fire up IP-Bay ..  

As others have noted, it may be more appropriate for an external party
to run the listing service.  However, multiple services would appear and
be inconsistent with each other as each service tries to compete for
profits on the fees they'd charge, and that leads to economic
inefficiency, confusion, arbitrage, speculation, etc. -- all the things
we know we need to try to avoid.

> Once ARIN gets involved in this it will be a pandora's box of regulations,
> litigations, tax accounting --  all sorts of odious stuff..  and that's just in the US..  my poor brain can't even start to comprehend the international implications.

While I understand the concern, I will reserve comment on these issues
because IANAL; ARIN has counsel and a Board to make sure our policies do
not run afoul in such areas, and we have been instructed to make the
policies we want and let them worry about the consequences -- and stop
us or modify the policies if required to avoid problems.


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