[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Customer Confidentiality

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Wed Jun 10 14:13:18 EDT 2009

Maybe I'm just saying what you said Leo using different words, I had the 
follow thought after reading your note:

Maybe we should figure out the way we want the world to be in IPv6 and 
work our way back to what that should be for IPv4.  Putting effort into figuring 
out IPv6 would be a good use of effort.  I'm not sure rehashing this again for 
IPv4 is useful effort.  Especially with the number of things the AC has on its 

On 10 Jun 2009 Leo Bicknell wrote:

> I have an amazing sense of deja vu reading this thread.
> 99% of what I have read has been written on ppml before, or said
> in a meeting in response to one of at least 5 previous proposals I can
> remember off the top of my head.
> There is one thing I feel is different, which is how this interacts
> with IPv6.  That has not been discussed that much before, but is
> becoming more important by the second.
> In the IPv4 world, we've decided that anyone with a /29 needs to
> be in whois.  Anyone with more than 6 computers needs to be in
> Whois.
> In the IPv6 world, we've decided that anyone with a /56 and larger
> needs to be in whois.  That's potentially 2^72 computers.
> So if I am a home user, small business, or whatever and have 20
> computers, I must be in SWIP if I get static IPv4, but if I get
> static IPv6 in the form of a /64 (or even a /60), then I am not.
> This makes no sense to me.  Either the 20 computer user should need to
> be in whois in both cases, or not in whois in both cases.
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