[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Customer Confidentiality

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Wed Jun 10 14:02:11 EDT 2009

On 10 Jun 2009 Jay Hennigan wrote:

> David Farmer wrote:
> > I believe this could be a useful proposal that I can support, but if
> > it remains focused solely on the business interest of the ISPs then
> > I will have to oppose it. 
> I view it as doing both, as well as in most cases assisting in the
> abuse resolution process.
> * It prevents harvesting of customer contact addresses by spammers,
> telemarketers (*cough-Neustar-cough*), etc., thus enhancing customer
> privacy.
> * It is more likely to result in abuse complaints being routed to an
> entity technically able to deal with them.  This is both because the
> ISP is likely to have more technical expertise and because the
> end-user SWIP contact is likely to be stale and/or poisoned with junk
> going to that address.  These contacts are often an individual email
> address rather than a role account, as it's collected when IP
> addresses are first assigned and the end-user isn't likely to have put
> much thought into it.
> * It protects the ISP's proprietary customer lists to some extent. 
> IMHO this is the least significant.  If an ISP's customer
> relationships are that fragile there are likely to be other problems. 
> However, customer resentment towards the ISP when an ISP publishes
> end-user SWIP/RWHOIS data and the customer gets spammed and
> telemarketed could be a problem. 
>   I'm thinking of the "How dare you sell my phone and email to these
> sleazebags!?!" type of thing.
> I agree that end-users who choose to have their information published
> should have that ability, but they should also be able to choose
> privacy.  IMHO, privacy should be the default but I'd leave that to
> each ISP to decide.
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I think I agree with all your points, but those points need to be 
in the rational section too, otherwise this proposal is focused 
only on the business interest of the ISPs.  Additionally your last 
bit needs to be explict in the policy statement too, an ISP must 
have a obligation to publish or not publish as requested by the 
customer, which ever default the ISP chooses.  This needs to 
befitt the actual customers, the Internet end users, too, not just 
the ISPs, and with a little bit of work it think it can easily do 

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