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> Owen DeLong wrote:
> > The realtor is not connecting you to a global packet switched network.
> > To my knowledge, no other private business does that.
> Cellular telephone companies do.  And they don't publish their customer
> lists.
> Note that I said cellular which has been packet-switched since AMPS went
> away.  Landline telephone companies also connect you to a global
> switched network, which happens to be circuit-switched.  They may or may
> not publish some of their customer lists.  Telephone companies are in
> the unique position of charging extra for both unlisted numbers and
> extra listings.
> Telephone companies also allow their customers to hide their source
> address from the recipient on a per-line or per-call basis.

It used to be that IP addresses were a public attribute.  Then I was very
much in favor of open disclosure.

Now that IP addresses are officially described as property that can be
bought and sold for money and hold value I think that privacy issues have
more precedent.

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