[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Customer Confidentiality

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Hi William,

I disagree.  

I do own my primary residence but searching public records will get you
nowhere.  There is no mortgage filing/interest in my house.  The name on the
property records is a trust and the original sale records show a single
dollar received in consideration for the filing of the deed.

Even with my address:  I live on a private street so the best google will
get you is a satellite view of a bunch of trees.  The county website will
show you tax assessment which is nowhere near what I paid for the house and
there are no names on the website.  Even the number of bedrooms and sq ft is

It sounds fishy but I'm not trying to hide anything.  It's simply a set of
circumstances and choices I've made in how I deal with managing my property

To address the point you were trying to make, real property is subject to
regulations set forth by government agencies. There are open records laws
that govern what information needs to be made public.  Last time I checked
those laws did not apply to private companies.

My proposal does not preclude the availability of customer information to
ARIN or any government agency that has a legitimate need to view it. It even
says that such information must be made available to ARIN on request.

Once again, I wrote the proposal to present the option.  It still allows you
to publish your customer list if you so choose.  It takes nothing away you
currently have.


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On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 3:33 PM, Aaron Wendel<aaron at wholesaleinternet.net>
> My point in writing this policy was to protect information that is
> proprietary to any business.  Tell a realtor you know that you're thinking
> about going into real estate and you'd like his customer list. Then tell
> that you actually need his customer list to make sure he's legit.  If all
> does is laugh at you then you got off lucky.  I can think of no other
> private business that is required to publish customer information to the
> public.


Since you brought it up, let's talk real estate. Do you own a house?
If you do and I know your address then I know who you are and I know
how much you paid for the house because your identity and quite a bit
of information about you is published in the public tax records.

Go ahead and try it with the address in my sig:

As with land, the public has a bona fide interest in knowing who is
using IP addresses in more than a transient way.

Bill Herrin

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