[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Customer Confidentiality

Kevin Stange kevin at steadfast.net
Tue Jun 9 16:24:50 EDT 2009

michael.dillon at bt.com wrote:
>> The policy should be amended to read, "If 
>> the customer requests, ISPs may choose to enter their own 
>> address and phone number in reassignments and reallocations 
>> in lieu of the customer's address and..."
> That is opt-in to privacy which I oppose. Privacy should be
> the default unless the customer opts-out of privacy and 
> indicates their wish to participate in Internet operations.

I don't think I can agree with that.  If this policy reverses the
existing policy and requires information NOT be published unless it's
opted into, all SWIPs, rwhois, and other reallocations would have to be
immediately resubmitted with new POC information or ISPs would need to
seek permission from all affected customers to retain them as is,
resulting in a mountain of paperwork for everyone involved.  Unless
there's a sizable transitional period or grandfathering, this would be a
nightmare for larger networks to accomplish.

I would prefer that this policy leave the option for an ISP to choose to
operate an opt-in or opt-out privacy system.  The downstream customers
or users would certainly have their option to choose whether to utilize
a service provider depending upon which policy it implements.

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