[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Predictable IPv4 Run Out byAllocation Window

Davis, Terry L terry.l.davis at boeing.com
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Your last paragraph said it all relative to IPv4 space.  We are on the same

Take care

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> Davis, Terry L wrote:
> > There's an important element here that we may have overlooked; "critical
> services" and "critical infrastructure" globally.
> >
> > There are set of folks around the globe that do need priority in the
> allocations.  And despite some of their best intentions and work, they
> have not been able to yet get budget allocations from their sponsors
> (enterprises or governments where politics/budget must be worked) to
> migrate their services to IPv6.
> >
> > I don't claim to know how to adjudicate the need; just that it will
> exist.
> >
> While the text of the proposal simply says "IP addresses", the title
> implies that it should only affect IPv4 addresses and I would expect the
> AC to make that editorial change.
> With that assumption, I do not see how this could possibly affect IPv6
> deployments, by "critical infrastructure" folks or anyone else for that
> matter.  Could you explain your thinking on that?
> I do see a potential problem that CI folks may not be able to get any
> IPv4 space at all after exhaustion, and I would be interested in a
> proposal to set aside some space for them, but I don't think that this
> is the right thread to address that.
> S
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