[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Predictable IPv4 Run Out byAllocation Window

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Mon Jun 8 19:46:48 EDT 2009

This is proposed for section 4 of the NRPM, section 4 only 
deals with IPv4, section 6 only deals with IPv6.  It is only 
policies in the other sections that need to worry about being 
specific about IPv4 or IPv6 if needed as the section they are 
contained in doesn't imply which type of resource we are 
talking about. 

On 8 Jun 2009 Stephen Sprunk wrote:

> Davis, Terry L wrote:
> > There's an important element here that we may have overlooked;
> > "critical services" and "critical infrastructure" globally.  
> >
> > There are set of folks around the globe that do need priority in the
> > allocations.  And despite some of their best intentions and work,
> > they have not been able to yet get budget allocations from their
> > sponsors (enterprises or governments where politics/budget must be
> > worked) to migrate their services to IPv6.  
> >
> > I don't claim to know how to adjudicate the need; just that it will
> > exist.
> >   
> While the text of the proposal simply says "IP addresses", the title
> implies that it should only affect IPv4 addresses and I would expect
> the AC to make that editorial change.
> With that assumption, I do not see how this could possibly affect IPv6
> deployments, by "critical infrastructure" folks or anyone else for
> that matter.  Could you explain your thinking on that?
> I do see a potential problem that CI folks may not be able to get any
> IPv4 space at all after exhaustion, and I would be interested in a
> proposal to set aside some space for them, but I don't think that this
> is the right thread to address that.
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