[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Sunset Clause for Liberalized Transfer Policy

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Fri Jun 5 13:23:55 EDT 2009

Milton L Mueller wrote:
>> Having a sunset date will ensure that the issue is reviewed when the sunset date approaches.  The lack 
>> of data is actually a driver for this proposal.
> I disagree with Kevin and oppose Owen's proposal. The sunset is inherently arbitrary and therefore potentially disruptive. As was established long ago in list discussions, it is mainly supported by people who don't want there to be a transfer policy in the first place. 

Comments like these do nothing to help heal the wounds caused
by the action of removing the sunset, and merely serve to insult people 
who take a much more considered view of the transfer situation.

We had a minority of people who wanted an unrestricted transfer policy.

We also had a minority of people who absolutely opposed a transfer policy.

And we had a minority of people willing to have a RESTRICTED transfer 

As a result of this, while each of the groups wanted something, only the 
group opposed to a transfer policy was getting what they wanted - ie: 
continuation of the status quo.

Basically what happened here is the minority who were pro-transfer 
managed to pull a con job on the minority of people who wanted a 
transfer policy with restrictions, by dangling the sunset clause.  In 
that way people such as yourself were able to create a majority of 
people to support the transfer policy WITH a sunset clause, to get it 
made policy.

Then once the minority who wanted an unrestricted transfer policy in 
place got what they wanted, they turned around and pulled down the pants 
of the group who wanted a restriction on the transfer policy - and 
deleted the sunset clause.

Now you have the unmitigated gall to claim that the group who wanted a 
sunsetted transfer policy really didn't want that, in reality they 
wanted an unrestricted transfer policy all along.

Speak for yourself, Milton.  I was in the compromise group precisely 
because the transfer policy had a sunset.  My opinion has not changed 
just because you pulled my pants down and got the restriction removed.

I'm sure you and the rest of the unrestricted transfer people are 
laughing up your sleeve and patting yourself on the back at how smart 
you are.  Fine, you won this round.  Crow about it and make yourself 
feel good.

But, here is the cost - people like you have pretty much polarized the 
policy proposal process.  You got want you wanted today, at the cost of 
much future progress on policy proposals.  In the future, only very 
non-controversial proposals are going to pass, because neither
side is going to be willing to compromise with the other side on the 
controversial ones.

So the next time a policy proposal YOU want to pass comes up, you better 
darn well hope it's not controversial in the least - because if it is, 
your not going to get it.

If you want to unpolarize the process then I suggest you be silent on 
the attempt to re institute the sunset clause.  You got what you wanted, 
that should be enough.  No need to grind the people into the ground who 
are trying to heal the wound.


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