[arin-ppml] A modest proposal for IPv6 address allocations

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Thu Jun 4 19:47:35 EDT 2009

McTim wrote:
> What's unreasonable about free (If you have v4 resources), or 75%
> discount if you don't have any v4 (this year).
> My reading of https://www.arin.net/fees/fee_schedule.html is that a
> /32 will set you back a whopping $562.50.  Perhaps I've missed
> something.
Yes, you've missed something. That the cost of running a near-automated 
system for allocating address space is several orders of magnitude 
higher than $562.50/year, and certainly won't be going *up* over time as 
IPv6 rates will.

Matthew Kaufman

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