[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Sunset Clause for Liberalized Transfer Policy

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu Jun 4 19:32:24 EDT 2009

> You said a sunset was arbitrary; I'm saying 2009-1 was arbitrary  
> too. I
> also stopped reading the long thread it generated after a while of all
> the back and forth, so maybe I missed something.

2008-6 received community consensus and contained a sunset clause
with the anticipation that the BoT would not cause 2008-6 to take effect
until much closer to IANA exhaustion.

As a result of the board deciding on immediate implementation and the
creation of 2009-1 as an emergency policy by the BoT (and a great deal
of controversy that ensued), the decision was made to remove the sunset
included in 2008-6 from 2009-1 and to replace the language supplied
with 2008-6 using instead the language from 2009-1 as updated by the
advisory council.

While the advisory council removed the most egregious
changes introduced in the original 2009-1, they retained the removal
of the sunset clause because the 2008-6 sunset clause was specified
in terms of a date which no longer made sense.

This proposal is an effort to restore the original intent which gained
community consensus in 2008-6 and place a sunset on the policy.
It is true that the majority of people who support the sunset clause
are those of us who believe that a liberalized transfer policy probably
isn't in the community's best interest.  However, many of us supported
2008-6 in part because we felt the experiment may well be necessary
for a limited time. Nonetheless, that support depended on the fact that
absent clear community consensus to continue the policy, it would
be automatically retired.

The AC was not left with great alternatives when it came to the sunset
clause in 2008-6 and our discussion of 2009-1.  We could either remove
it (which we did), revise it (which did not have broad support and even
less agreement on what to change it to), or preserve it as is (which all
felt was far too early as a result of the unanticipated immediate
implementation by the board).

However, there was not a great deal of public input into whether to
retain the sunset clause or not, so, this policy proposal is an effort
to get that input.


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