[arin-ppml] Global Uniqueness vs Global Reachability

Paul Vixie vixie at isc.org
Thu Jun 4 03:04:28 EDT 2009

scottleibrand at gmail.com (Scott Leibrand) writes:

> There was a more recent (and IMO better) version of this called ULA
> Global. IIRC, it was a lot closer to what you are describing than ULA
> Cental was.
> -Scott

Noting that the URL changed to <http://nsa.vix.com/~vixie/ula-global.txt>
and that my purported co-authors do not actually support this proposal.

In case it seems odd that IPv6 would need anything scoped in this way, the
purpose is to make it easy to keep this crud out of the DFZ while still
permitting metro and neighborhood level experiments in "DFZ bypass."
Paul Vixie

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